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Small Double 4ft Terry Waterproof Protector

Small Double 4ft Terry Waterproof Protector

£28.00 inc. VAT

Our Small Double 4ft anti allergy mattress protector is probably the most comfortable waterproof mattress protector available. It is waterproof, but you wouldn't know as it is soft, rustle free and won't make you hot and uncomfortable. What it will do is protect your 4ft mattress from staining from perspiration, incontinence, accidental spills, etc. It also protects you from dust mites and their waste products making them Anti Allergy.

This small double 4ft waterproof mattress protector is breathable and dust mite proof. It has a soft 100% cotton terry toweling top with a waterproof polyurethane underside. Polyurethane is not at all like pvc and is very soft and comfortable. The waterproof 100% polyurethane layer acts as a barrier to liquids, providing peace of mind when it comes to accidents or spillages. The towelling layer is wonderfully soft for increased comfort, and an elasticated skirt ensures it fits most depth of mattress.

  • 100% Waterproof Polyurethane reverse forms a barrier to liquids
  • 100% Cotton Terry Towelling face
  • Offers a layer of softness for wonderful comfort
  • Rustle Free
  • Non-allergenic
  • Washable at 95°C and low tumble dry
  • Zipped Pillow Protectors
  • Deep elasticated skirt, will fit mattresses up to 12"/30cm
  • 4ft x 6ft 3" / 48 x 75" / 122 x 191cm

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